Monday, 14 September 2015

Done Booking Digha Hotels? Now Know About the Things You Can Buy There

beach in digha

Surrounded lavishly by casuarinas, Digha is a time-honoured beach roaring at the Bengal-Odisha border of India. It is an excessively frequented holiday destination, which has upheld its charm since aeons.

A perfect weekend gateaway, the beach has rejuvenated and revivified the soul of millions of visitors over the years. And, it still is a spell caster to this day.

Yes, paying a visit to this beach is no less than a magical therapy. To add to this thrill are the Digha hotels – rich in hospitality, amenities, and of course, lip smacking food. The relaxation is a sure shot cure to your ailing mind.

However, there’s no cure to ‘shopaholism,’ is there? If you are suffering from it, you will definitely pick a thing or two wherever you go. In fact, most people take it as a divine rule to collect mementos from tourist spots.

So here’s a list of those priceless things you can go for when you visit the beach next time:

items made of sea shells
  • Items made of sea shells:

It’s a seaside destination you are visiting. So, you must buy things that remind you of the waves and water. So, how about sea shells? Girls, go for earrings, bangles, neckpieces, and every possible ornament made of sea shells. Married women, buy Bengal’s traditional shakha, which is made of conch shells.

The shops are not very far from the Digha hotels. You can buy beaded curtains that are made of these shells or go for shell studded mirrors, too. And, if nothing interests you, simply go for the sea shells. The variety of colours, shapes and sizes – aren’t they just adorable?

bamboo products
  • Bamboo products:

From table mats to baskets, large garden swings and hammocks, the range of bamboo product in the beach markets is endless. And, along with bamboo sells wood. Wooden toys, treasure chests, incense stands, and a variety of other products can be bought at affordable rates. Craftsmen in the region are in abundance.

  • Pearls (oops! Cultured pearls):

Yes, if you are buying ‘real pearls’ in the land, kindly note that these are ‘cultured’ pearls that are supplied from Hyderabad. Sadly, even if it is a beach side, you don’t get the best of pearls here. The ones that you think are affordable are, in most cases, fake. So, beware!

Of course, you can always consult the Digha hotels about the places where cultured pearls are available.

  • Cashew nuts:

The land is famous for cashew nuts. Don’t forget to make a visit to the cashew plantations near the sea beach. And more than that, remember to take a few packets home for your near and dear ones. The cashews are available in different varieties – salted, spicy, plain, etcetera.

digha fish
  • Ah! How can we forget seafood!

Can a visit to this amazing place conclude without relishing some mouth watering seafood? Yes, go for it! Devour the endless varieties of fish available in the local market. And, why only fish, enjoy crabs and prawns, too!

Are you planning a trip to Digha soon?

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Does the imperial sea water excite you? Then Digha is your destination

The British gift

Digha The British found the place when it was known as Beerkul. Later on West Bengal named it Digha and opened as a tourist spot. It is just 187 kms away from Kolkata and has good facility of transportation. Mandarmani, Udaipur, Talsari, Junput are few other tourist spots located nearby. The children and couples can have a relaxing time as these beaches are not very crowded. Digha, is also considered as one of the prime honeymoon destinations for the romantic landscape.

The hot pick for your next weekend

If you are looking for a short trip to the nearby vicinity of Kolkata which would offer you the serenity of blissful sound of waves and the tranquility of sea beaches then you must not think twice before dropping down to Digha. It has everything that will make every travel seeker, photography fanatic, or simply an aesthetic lover visit the land again and again.

List of few things that make Digha an appealing place to be:

    hotel santiniketan
  • Since it is considered as one of the best sea-destinations it has pleasurable sightseeing. New Digha is one of the tourist spots with the widest beach of the earth. Science centre is the one of largest marine aquarium of Asia which is an attractive spot too. 
  • Shopping is an essential part of tourism. Earthy handicrafts and specific souvenirs of sea shells are the best part. Different accessories are available made out of the beads that are available in the sea shore, so that you can carry a memory of Digha for a long time. 
  • Digha Hotels are luxurious and Budget friendly. They can be booked through online reservations or by just giving a call. 
  • A new addition to Digha is paragliding. The government has allowed for beach activities. So that the customers enjoy a quality time with their family. 
  • Delicious cuisine is available, with a variety of mainly Bengali food. Sea food is available in large quantity. The appetizing dishes would make you mouthful.

What you must look for before booking a hotel

The most cherished quality what an urban map tracker seeks while in any weekend trip is essentially friendly housekeeping, finger licking delicacies, safe and secured rooms, global standard of ambiance and most importantly breathtaking scenic view of the sea line. If you have all this in mind then paying a visit can be a fine choice for you. Among the most sought after features which people to look for while doing the booking following are the most prime ones.

  1. Car pick up: Guests get complimentary car pickups from nearest railway station i.e. Digha. 
  2. Wi-Fi Access: Guests staying over at fine hotels are also offered with 24/7 Wi-Fi connectivity. This is crucial looking into the corporate culture of present times. Stay in touch with all your internet spots while on holiday food stress free. 
  3. Breakfast on the call: Complimentary breakfast gives the final touch to the package on offer and helps one to start the day with the finest of surprise having the touch of taste and health. All these are the prime things that can be listed under perks and points to look for on your next visit in this crowd puller location.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Digha- The Best Place to Spend a Couple of Days

Enough of your planning!! Just bundle your bags and set along towards Digha! Yes, you have heard right! 

If the over-hectic pressure in your office is just killing you and you are so desperate to have a change in your life, take a short trip to Digha and trust me it’s simply amazing!!

Want to know about the city in detail?

Digha is about 187 km away from the city of Kolkata and can truly be stated as one of the best places for a comforting holiday. The place is best known for its amazing sea shore and lines of casuarinas trees.

The shallow sand beach in Digha has a low slope with tender waves and the beach which expands up to seven kms in length. The most interesting part about the place is that that sea starts about a mile away from the sea shore. The magnificent charm of the place is actually soothing and placate, making you come and visit the place again and again. 

The soothing and alluring beauty of the place:

The entire beach of Digha is surrounded by lines of appealing casuarinas trees and the enchanting beauty of the place has truly attracted a number of tourists towards it. The attractive casuarinas plantations out there not only intensify the beauty of the place, but also reduce the soil-erosion to a great extent. 

Enjoy the sunrise and sunset to the fullest:

The sunrise and sunset at the exotic beach of Digha is something that truly makes its place right to an artist’s frame. The sea at Digha is comparatively calm than the other beaches in the country, making it safe for the swimmers to swim to their hearts’ content. 

Worried about the staying accommodation? Put a stop to all your apprehensions!

With more and more people choosing Digha to be their favorite tourist spot, a number of hotels have popped up to cater to the interests of the travelers. 

The hotels in Digha are best known for providing everything the tourists want to be endowed with. Starting from lavishing staying arrangement to excellent dining pact, you will get everything any tourist would normally crave for while out on an amazing trip. 

Now, if you are worried about the budget factor involved in it, it’s worth mentioning that there are a number of budget hotels too that offer excellent service within a price range that suits your pocket in the finest manner. 

So what are you wasting your time for? Book your train or bus tickets and set for Digha to earn some unforgettable memories; to forget all the stresses you have accumulated so far and last but not the least, to spend some awesome days in the lap of nature!

Monday, 15 June 2015

Let Your Stress Be Free, Take A Tour to Alluring Digha

Getting bored of your regular life? Want to have a trip but do not have much time in hand?  Then you can rightly choose Digha for your next small trip and take a break from your hectic schedule. It requires only 2-3 day enjoying the surrealistic beauty of nature in this destination. Near the sea, amid the sand, enjoying the breeze, you will feel relieved. It is a beach destination, 187 km away from Kolkata city. The gentle waves of this place extend 7 km. the Bay of Bengal flaunts its best in this destination. The place is termed as ‘Brighton of the East’, best for holidays.

Beauty with Grandeur:

The beauty of the place will make you go amazed. You will spend the quality time lying on the seashore, in the lap of nature. Enjoy spending quality time with your loved ones and have delicious cuisines available in the beach side hotels. There are plenty of resorts available in this place. The beautiful casuarinas forest will add a tint of adventure to your travel. It is the ideal spot to make you forget about the stress of your daily life and make you create a strong bonding with nature. The panoramic view of the sea from the coast is something that draws thousands of tourists from all over the world. 

Extreme Comfort to Make Traveling Memorable:

Lodging is a great thing to consider when you are traveling. Only good comfort can make your journey more memorable. There are innumerable hotels and resorts available in this destination. Finding a luxury hotel in Digha is not at all a tough task. In fact, the resorts and hotels available here, plays a great role in improving the tourism revenue of West Bengal as well as of the country. Luxury hotels will make your travel successful. From check-ins to check-outs, from breakfast to dinners- every moment is full of happiness and excitement in these hotels. The ambiances you get in these hotels will make you stay a nit longer in this destination.

So, get started for your journey to this amazingly beautiful destination and have a great time with your loved ones. Plan your tour carefully and choose among the best hotels in Digha. You can go through the official websites of these hotels near Digha and check the reviews. It will immensely help you to choose the best one for your lodging.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Opt for the Finest Hotels in Digha and Make Your Trip a Memorable Account

Are you trying to find an exotic sea location where you can spend your upcoming holiday and gather some indelible memoirs to your account? Then, it’s time for you to look around a bit. Your vacation is truly going to become an unforgettable one with the splendid beaches of Digha. If you actually believe in the true power of serenity and tranquility, then nothing can beat the idea of being astray for few hours amidst the exquisite setting of casuarina trees. 
Now, when it comes to the staying accommodation, it’s quite natural for you to get confused among a plethora of hotels in Digha. 

Here, Hotel Santiniketan comes to your great aid. It will provide you with all the amenities that can make your trip truly memorable one. Encircled by verdant green landscape and located at a convenient distance from the sea beach, this hotel can be true zone of luxury as well as splendor. Accommodated with every possible facility, the hotel is just the substitute of a living paradise.
Starting from the congenial atmosphere to the warm treatment of the hotel attendants, everything is so excellent that it will surely leave you speechless along with generating a strong desire in you to come back here only again and again. 

The rooms of the hotels come with variegated provisions to satisfy you to the fullest. With color TV, coffee and tea making facilities, mini kitchen, telephone, en-suite bathroom, ironing and internet facilities; the rooms are just a complete zone of finest pleasure.
So, don’t waste your time! Pick up your phone, call in there and go to explore one of the finest locations in West Bengal. Enjoy to every extent and increase the figure of precious memories in your store! 

Friday, 17 October 2014

Make Your Stay a Blissful One and Have a Splendid Time

Digha the “Brighton of the East” has become one of the most popular tourist spot of West Bengal. If you are tired with the droning work schedules and looking forward to enjoy your weekends then Digha is the place to go. Popular for its magnificent sun rise and sun sets that will make your short vacation the most memorable one. In addition, if you enjoy bird watching then it surely will enthrall you with exotic species of birds.

Apart from being a beautiful beach destination, it offers a broad spectrum of things to do that will definitely suit travelers from different walks of life. If you have a fondness for marine life, then you should pay a visit the famous Marine Aquarium and Research Centre which is considered as the biggest in Asia. There are many other places that will captivate you with its beauty. Other nearby beaches like Mandarmani, Udaipur, Subarnarekha River, Talsari and Junput, has its own splendor that will engage every visitor in spending a grand time with their family associates. 

Other than going to places of interest or just relaxing in the beach you can take part in numerous other fun activities like surfing or scuba diving. If you have a passion for shopping, then you buy some local hand crafted items such as jewellery, mats and shawls. You must try out the famous Bengali dishes that are considered to be delicacy among the travelers.

There are multifarious hotels near beach in Digha with excellent facilities that would make your stay an indelible one. It certainly feels great to get a sight of breathtaking sunrise to start your day. But, it is very important to go through their websites prior to making your final decision. Price is one the main factor while choosing a hotel that would suit your pocket.

Most of the renowned Digha hotels are mainly famous for providing excellent customer service leaving no room for errors. Lastly, while going through their websites, check the reviews of former guests that would confirm their consistency. Enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

How To Find a Perfect Reprieve in Digha

Don’t you get bored over your super tiring schedule and want to enjoy a break from the hustle bustle of the madding crowd? You certainly do! It’s quite obvious for you to get fed up with the intricacies of modern life and consequently, you always stay in search of a perfect place that can give you enough tranquility in the weekend and make you forget the strenuous cycle at least to some extent. At the same time, it’s also true that you don’t tend to find a fitting place even if it’s so close to your reach. You always happen to opt for distant places and as a result, sometimes, it becomes impossible for you to actually go over there and savor the beauty of the place during the short span of the weekend. 

So, it’s quite worth suggesting that you always need to give a high preference to the nearest places only, so that it becomes easy for you to arrive there and enjoy the exquisiteness of the same with your family associates. Digha has always been a place to offer extreme serenity as well as tranquility and it can easily be chosen as the prime destination to spend a couple of days with complete vigor. But, whenever you are opting for a certain place, you need to make it sure that your staying accommodation has been arranged to a superfluous place. You can only be able to enjoy the supremacy of a place, if your lodging sees a new height. A hotel with unimpressive deportment as well as demeanor can completely destroy the very purpose of your traveling and make it an uninteresting course of interlude. 

Now, if you are looking for a magnificent place to stay in Digha, Hotel Santiniketan can always come to your great aid. Among numbers of Digha hotels, this lodge is considered to be the supreme one. Being mounted with every kind of facility, it has a plethora of amenities to cater you with at the very heart of the town.