Monday, 14 September 2015

Done Booking Digha Hotels? Now Know About the Things You Can Buy There

beach in digha

Surrounded lavishly by casuarinas, Digha is a time-honoured beach roaring at the Bengal-Odisha border of India. It is an excessively frequented holiday destination, which has upheld its charm since aeons.

A perfect weekend gateaway, the beach has rejuvenated and revivified the soul of millions of visitors over the years. And, it still is a spell caster to this day.

Yes, paying a visit to this beach is no less than a magical therapy. To add to this thrill are the Digha hotels – rich in hospitality, amenities, and of course, lip smacking food. The relaxation is a sure shot cure to your ailing mind.

However, there’s no cure to ‘shopaholism,’ is there? If you are suffering from it, you will definitely pick a thing or two wherever you go. In fact, most people take it as a divine rule to collect mementos from tourist spots.

So here’s a list of those priceless things you can go for when you visit the beach next time:

items made of sea shells
  • Items made of sea shells:

It’s a seaside destination you are visiting. So, you must buy things that remind you of the waves and water. So, how about sea shells? Girls, go for earrings, bangles, neckpieces, and every possible ornament made of sea shells. Married women, buy Bengal’s traditional shakha, which is made of conch shells.

The shops are not very far from the Digha hotels. You can buy beaded curtains that are made of these shells or go for shell studded mirrors, too. And, if nothing interests you, simply go for the sea shells. The variety of colours, shapes and sizes – aren’t they just adorable?

bamboo products
  • Bamboo products:

From table mats to baskets, large garden swings and hammocks, the range of bamboo product in the beach markets is endless. And, along with bamboo sells wood. Wooden toys, treasure chests, incense stands, and a variety of other products can be bought at affordable rates. Craftsmen in the region are in abundance.

  • Pearls (oops! Cultured pearls):

Yes, if you are buying ‘real pearls’ in the land, kindly note that these are ‘cultured’ pearls that are supplied from Hyderabad. Sadly, even if it is a beach side, you don’t get the best of pearls here. The ones that you think are affordable are, in most cases, fake. So, beware!

Of course, you can always consult the Digha hotels about the places where cultured pearls are available.

  • Cashew nuts:

The land is famous for cashew nuts. Don’t forget to make a visit to the cashew plantations near the sea beach. And more than that, remember to take a few packets home for your near and dear ones. The cashews are available in different varieties – salted, spicy, plain, etcetera.

digha fish
  • Ah! How can we forget seafood!

Can a visit to this amazing place conclude without relishing some mouth watering seafood? Yes, go for it! Devour the endless varieties of fish available in the local market. And, why only fish, enjoy crabs and prawns, too!

Are you planning a trip to Digha soon?


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