Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Does the imperial sea water excite you? Then Digha is your destination

The British gift

Digha The British found the place when it was known as Beerkul. Later on West Bengal named it Digha and opened as a tourist spot. It is just 187 kms away from Kolkata and has good facility of transportation. Mandarmani, Udaipur, Talsari, Junput are few other tourist spots located nearby. The children and couples can have a relaxing time as these beaches are not very crowded. Digha, is also considered as one of the prime honeymoon destinations for the romantic landscape.

The hot pick for your next weekend

If you are looking for a short trip to the nearby vicinity of Kolkata which would offer you the serenity of blissful sound of waves and the tranquility of sea beaches then you must not think twice before dropping down to Digha. It has everything that will make every travel seeker, photography fanatic, or simply an aesthetic lover visit the land again and again.

List of few things that make Digha an appealing place to be:

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  • Since it is considered as one of the best sea-destinations it has pleasurable sightseeing. New Digha is one of the tourist spots with the widest beach of the earth. Science centre is the one of largest marine aquarium of Asia which is an attractive spot too. 
  • Shopping is an essential part of tourism. Earthy handicrafts and specific souvenirs of sea shells are the best part. Different accessories are available made out of the beads that are available in the sea shore, so that you can carry a memory of Digha for a long time. 
  • Digha Hotels are luxurious and Budget friendly. They can be booked through online reservations or by just giving a call. 
  • A new addition to Digha is paragliding. The government has allowed for beach activities. So that the customers enjoy a quality time with their family. 
  • Delicious cuisine is available, with a variety of mainly Bengali food. Sea food is available in large quantity. The appetizing dishes would make you mouthful.

What you must look for before booking a hotel

The most cherished quality what an urban map tracker seeks while in any weekend trip is essentially friendly housekeeping, finger licking delicacies, safe and secured rooms, global standard of ambiance and most importantly breathtaking scenic view of the sea line. If you have all this in mind then paying a visit can be a fine choice for you. Among the most sought after features which people to look for while doing the booking following are the most prime ones.

  1. Car pick up: Guests get complimentary car pickups from nearest railway station i.e. Digha. 
  2. Wi-Fi Access: Guests staying over at fine hotels are also offered with 24/7 Wi-Fi connectivity. This is crucial looking into the corporate culture of present times. Stay in touch with all your internet spots while on holiday food stress free. 
  3. Breakfast on the call: Complimentary breakfast gives the final touch to the package on offer and helps one to start the day with the finest of surprise having the touch of taste and health. All these are the prime things that can be listed under perks and points to look for on your next visit in this crowd puller location.


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