Thursday, 17 July 2014

Celebrate Your Leisurely Moments with Your Loved Ones amidst the Beauty of Nature

Are you looking for a holiday destination that will provide you with a much needed break and will also not pinch your pocket? Come to Digha, a beach which is stunningly beautiful and welcomes visitors warmly and cordially.

Digha Sea Beach
 When we think of sea beaches, the name that instantly comes to our mind is Digha. Digha can be named as west Bengal`s most famous sea-resort and tourist spot, located in the southwestern part of Kolkata.

One can view the panoramic view of both sunrise and sunset at the sea beach of Digha. The rays of setting or rising sun reflecting the salty waters of the majestic Bay of Bengal is straight from an artist`s easel. The sea here is calm and shallow, this characteristic continues for almost about a mile from the beach. This feature makes it quite safe for swimming. The beach is hard, making it a perfect one to go for a drive during low tide. However, Digha`s beach is undergoing sea erosion therefore it is advisable to bathe during low tide. A small settlement, Digha is crowded with accommodations where tourists can put up. Digha boasts of wide as well as unspolied beach, caesarian groves by the side of calm and gentle sea, also good climate throughout the year makes it an ideal holiday destination.

 Relax amidst serenity and calmness that will make you relax and unwind your senses

The vibrant market of Digha is open during low tide. Curios made of amazing and beautiful sea-shell, fabulous shell jewellry, brilliant varieties of reputed Madur of Midnapore also known as hand-woven mats crafted out from the weeds in stunning designs and attractive colours. Cottage crafts are also available at various city`s outlet. Having heard all these it is obvious that your heart is yearning for a break at Digha. Hotels in digha provide with a brilliant break at this fantabulous spot. There are various kinds of hotels. Whatever be your requirements and budget you are not going to return without a string of unforgettable memories, all thanks to brilliant landscape and hospitable hotels.

The hotels here in Digha are home away from home. You can opt for luxurious hotels in the heart of the city within your budget. You can opt for hotels in Digha that are surrounded by lush-green landscape, and are placed at a comfortable distance from the brilliant beach of Digha. Look for hotels that can provide you with excellent offers, facilities and will make you indulge in various kinds of facilities to unwind and relax, two features that are expected from any hotel.


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